My 2018 Inventory…

I sit here in the Right Place Music office on this, the last day of 2018, and I begin to ponder what to write about. With the new year looming, folks often speak about their resolutions that they pledge to uphold on the next ride around the sun. I’ve given them a whirl myself, and I find that they usually have a life expectancy of about a week, if I’m lucky.

But as is so often the case, I sit here today and look back over the events of the past year, and I discover that there were in fact changes made in my life. The hand of God is not always evident at the time but can be quite clear in retrospect. I see the areas in my heart, mind, and life where I’ve grown, where I see things a bit differently, a bit clearer. Things that used to weigh me down no longer have the power they once wielded, I’ve concluded that there are some people who are just not very good for me, and as Gordon Lightfoot sang, the thing that I call living is just being satisfied, with knowing I’ve got no one else to blame.

Of course, I also see areas in my life that still need work. A lot of them. I tend to worry too much, I overthink, I over-analyze. In my relationship with God I remain fully capable of being a difficult, argumentative, and at times petulant child. He has His hands full with me, and no doubt I am frustrating. Because He sees the plans He has for me, what He wants to make of my life, and far too often I am simply unwilling to get out of the way, to let go of the wheel, and let Him take me where I need to go.

No, there is nothing magical about the changing from one year to the next, but there is something amazing about the God who holds the universe together also being the God of our second chance…and third….and fourth. As many as it takes. And any day you care to name is the day we can choose to surrender to His will and see great things happen. Let’s not confine ourselves to promises we know full well we have no intention of keeping, but rather surrender to the will and providence of our heavenly Father, who I believe even after all these generations still gets a royal kick out of those who are devoted to Him and called according to His purpose.

If we make any commitment to the coming year, commit to letting God be big…let Him be strong…let Him do something magnificent in your life. Let Him bring the change, the supernatural transformation that only He can create. And let us look back this time next year at everything He has done.

Dawn and I wish you and yours the happiest of New Years, and all good things for 2019. See you on the road!

We love y’all…

Darrell & Dawn Ritchie

Lawrenceville GA

December 31, 2018